Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beard Beanie Story

Out of all of the designs I have come up with - the popularity of the Beard Beanie dwarfs all others by miles.  After many requests, I have felt compelled to share more of our story.

Several years ago - as my husband and I were out on a date, in passing we saw some version of a bearded hat.  It really looked much like a simple ski mask - all one color, with a whole for the eyes and nose.  Upon further inspection - it was apparent that there was something that looked much like a bow-tie almost positioned under the nose.  After squinting one eye and tilting my head a bit - I could see that it was meant to somewhat resemble a beard and mustache.  It was November - and I was swamped with Christmas orders and projects at the time, but after my husband mentioned that I should try designing a bearded hat - I made a mental note that I would come back to it once I finished up my marathon long list of to-do's.

Once most of my holiday business was taken care of - I started working on the design.  The first one was made of all the same yarn - and I had chosen a slightly fuzzy yarn that was cream and beige if I remember right.  We took it to a family party where it was a huge hit and ended up going home with my brother-in-law.  With all my Christmas projects then finished - I set to work on a new beard hat.  The fuzzy yarn had looked nice - but proved to be a bit itchy and ticklish under the nose.  I tried switching yarn types and styles, and tweaked the design.  Eventually I got the fit just right - and found the softest non-fuzzy, non-itchiest yarns I could for the beard portion.  My husband soon found that they worked superbly to keep his face and head warm in the cold Cache Valley winter.  As I added one beard hat after another to my etsy shop - it became apparent that the design was a success.  If you look back through my posts on this blog - here is the first time I introduced a version of the beard beanie popular today.  

There are others claiming to be the original fitted beard beanie - but I want you all to know that I searched high and low and didn't find anything that had the same fit and design as our signature beardbeanie when we introduced it.  I hate copy cats and pride myself on coming up with original designs that are unique to my style and very functional.  So while some may spread a story high and low of thinking it up on a mountain top with a scarf - it's simply not true.  Those other, lesser quality copies are in fact copies.   

No one made the fitted beard beanie before we did.  And to this day - no one makes it as well as we do.  

For my next post, I plan on going in to more detail as to what sets our design apart from the rest.  


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