Monday, June 28, 2010

Our trip to Moab!

A few weeks ago, my hubby wanted to take us all to Moab.  Being born and raised in Utah, I guess it was kind of ironic and a bit sad that I'd never been there before.  At the time, I was swamped with orders, but, I figured it's important to always make time for family, right?  So I gathered up all my work and took it on the road.

When planning vacations, I generally go for the more tropical destinations, you know, nice beaches and such.  I do have to say though, Moab has some truly breathtaking sights.  We were just there over a short weekend, so there's much more than what we saw.  We went through Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park.  I think the kids favorite part, however, was the sand dune.

Do you see us in the delicate arch picture?  We are there, you just have to look close. 

 We happened to be there when it rained.  When it rains, you have instant waterfalls all over!  This is one that we stopped to see.  If you look, you can see Mitch behind it!

I have two new hats that I am introducing to the shop that we took pictures of as well.  One in hunter orange, for those hunters out there!  And one I call the green river hat.  The picture we liked best of it was at the green river viewpoint in Canyonlands.

And last but not least, we decided to take one more picture of the family.  I call it a family of beard hats!!!