Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sampler Afghan Square #9

It seems I'm getting a bit of a late start here this month!  May has so far been filled with Mother's Day, flower beds and gardening, end of school activities, and preparing for our newest venture of starting an in-home therapy program for our daughter.  Today happens to be rainy (I'm very thankful for May showers) - so the gardening is currently on hold and I had some time to finish up the first square post for May.  Hopefully I didn't keep anyone waiting ;-)

If you're just joining in, WELCOME!  Click on the following links to get caught up: Introduction, Square #1, Square #2, Square #3, Square #4, Square #5, Square #6, Square #7, Square #8.  You can find links to all of them on pinterest here.

This particular block features the waffle stitch.  It's obviously not hard to see why it's called that ;-)  This pattern utilizes post stitches to creat the pattern - similar to the basketweave square we did a few months ago.  I will say the waffle stitch is slightly simpler than the basketweave square as it only uses front post stitches and the basketweave stitch uses both front and back post stitches.  Post stitches are an excellent way of adding texture to crochet.  I used the waffle stitch in a set of placemats I just finished up and love the result!
waffle stitch placemats
Ok - on to the square #9!

waffle stitch block #9

Square #9

Special Stitches 

front post double crochet (fpdc):  Yo and insert hook from the front to the back around the post of the dc on the previous row.  Complete as for regular dc.

Foundation ch and row 1:  Ch 32.  Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each remaining ch.  (30 dc)
Row 2:  Ch 2.  Skip first dc, dc in next stitch. * Fpdc in next 2 stitches**, dc in next 2 stitches.  Repeat from * Ending at ** with  one stitch and turning chain remaining.  Dc in next dc, hdc in top of turning ch.  Turn.
Row 3:  Ch 2, skip first stitch.  Fpdc in next stitch. *Dc in next 2 stitches**, fpdc in next 2 stitches.  Repeat from * to last 2 stitches ending at **.  Fpdc in next stitch.  Hdc in top of turning ch.  Turn.
Rows 4-22:  Repeat rows 2 & 3, ending with row 2.
close-up of waffle stitch pattern
So how are your squares coming along?  I'd love to have you share your progress?  And please contact me if you ever have questions on any of the patterns I post.  Oh - and come join me on facebook.  That's a great place to keep up to date on when the new blocks are posted!